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TM BUROCLEAN - own TM of the company Import-Office Ukraine. Created and registered in Ukraine in 2015.
TM BUROCLEAN - Specialized brand of products for cleaning, a complete solution for cleanliness.
The main mission: A comprehensive offer of the range of household chemicals and business group in the middle and low-cost price segments of our Partners to meet the needs of customers in a quality product.
When creating TM BUROCLEAN, Import-Office Ukraine has set an important task for itself: to unite the broadest and balanced assortment of goods for cleaning in various price categories within one brand to meet the needs of the widest consumer audience.
Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the structure and advantages of TM Buroclean.
1. Wide range. The assortment provides for three series of products in different price segments:

The EcoStandart series - “ambulance cleaning” - the most affordable and most needed products. Intended for thrifty buyers, for whom an affordable price is the main criterion for the selection of household goods.

The EuroStandart series - “office standard” - the average price level with decent quality. A comprehensive assortment offer allows you to meet the cleaning needs of office premises, households, HoReCa, and so on.

Series Concentrat - "a new approach to cleaning." Only high-quality and professional products that combine high efficiency in use and save the budget. The best solution for those who know a lot about cleanliness!

2. New markets. With the products of TM Buroclean, you have the opportunity to master new promising markets “related to the stationery market” such as:
• HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes)
• Production (plants, factories)
• Food industry enterprises
• Catering, fast foods

3. Mobility and availability. We will ensure stock availability and prompt fulfillment of bulk orders! Most products are manufactured in Ukraine, so we save time on delivery. Due to the wide and effective distribution network - the delivery of goods can be carried out in different regions of Ukraine.

4. Quality assurance. All products have permits and sanitary and hygienic conclusions. This greatly facilitates the procedure for participation in tenders.

5. Efficient logistics - convenience of work for Partners. We provide the opportunity to order in one place and receive with one delivery as stationery, and all the necessary household chemicals and household goods. Thus, the Partner has the opportunity to save on logistics, as well as significantly simplified business processes.

Including TM Buroclean in your range, you get a reliable Partner for expanding and scaling your business!