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Company "Import-office Ukraine"

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The company "Import-Office Ukraine" is a dynamically developing company, the main activity of which is the wholesale supply of stationery and office supplies. Today, the company is one of the market leaders, has a wide and efficient distribution network, through which it supplies goods to all regions of the country, and is a supplier of stationery products to major network retail structures.

The company offers the Ukrainian market of assortment of stationery and office goods under its own trademarks BUROMAX, ZiBi and BUROCLEAN. In addition to its brands, the importport-Ovis Ukraine portfolio includes the following brands: DONAU (Switzerland), FELLOWES (USA), UNI (Japan), PANTA PLAST (Poland), GRANIT (Poland), MAPED (France) , REGAL (Taiwan), BESTAR (Taiwan).

The company is actively developing in the direction of sales of format paper. Our portfolio includes the Ballet brand, the international manufacturer International Paper (USA) and the European production of Niveus, from Mondi.

Its own office and warehouse complex, an area of ??more than 6000 m2, is equipped with modern automated logistics processes management system. Supplements the well-stocked storage system, a fleet of 16 trucks and cars. Thanks to well-designed logistics, the goods are delivered on a regular basis and without delays on the territory of Ukraine.

 The "Import-Office Ukraine" company brings together professionals and strives to make every employee feel comfortable in a team, because the work team is the value of the company and the basis of success.

"Import-Office Ukraine" is a leader in the stationery market of Ukraine. 25 years of work in the difficult conditions of the formation of the market went through the improvement of business processes aimed at increasing the efficiency of the company and partner companies, which have a positive effect on the dynamics of development. And this means that the company continues to move in the right direction and optimistic about the future.