Kiev, st. Pirogovsky way 34В       +38 (044) 461-96-86      +38 (044) 461-96-87

Company "Import-office Ukraine"

 Kyiv, st. Pirogovsky way 34В
   +38 (044) 461-96-86
   +38 (044) 461-96-87

Company "Import-office Ukraine"

  03083, Ukraine, Kiev, street. Pirogovsky road 34B (Former street Chervonoprapornaya)
   +38 (044) 461-96-86 (multichannel)
   Fax: +38 (044) 461-96-87

Regional sales manager. "Kyiv" region
Lukash Tetyana Vasylivna

Regional sales manager. "Central" region

Korchun Vasily Mikhailovich

Regional sales manager. "East" region

Krotenko Lina Ivanivna

Regional sales manager. "West" region " Kaloshin Maxim Alexandrovich

Head of Retail Division Shaklanova Lyubov Ivanivna

Director of the Department Kudakov Vladimir Nikolaevich

Head of Transport Logistics

Nagorny Volodymyr Grigorovich

Director of the Department

Sakhatska Anzhelika Petrivna

Head of Marketingt Plaksivaya Albina Petrovna

Head of HR-Department

Buslova Elena Viktorovna

Recently, people who have found jobs on the collection of pens, as if from a company called Buromax, have often started to contact us. We want to alert you that companies with this name do not exist! Buromax is a trademark of Importport Office and our company does not provide such vacancies! Be alert!
These people are crooks who will try to lure you money!

Head of Department

Gresko Alexey Petrovich

Chief Accountant

Andriyevska Lilia Ravilevna