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Ballet is a trademark of International Paper, which was founded in the USA in 1898 and is the world leader in the packaging and pulp and paper industry.
By purchasing high-quality office paper, you buy durable and trouble-free operation of your office equipment and excellent image quality!
The excellent quality of Ballet paper is guaranteed by a long history of manufacturing this brand to the highest international standards at International Paper enterprises and confirmed by many years of experience in the use of Ballet paper by consumers worldwide.
Ballet paper is available in four grades: A +, A, B, and C +, using ColorLok® technology.

Ballet brilliant
Ballet Brilliant Paper - Premium Solution for amazing print results
Ballet Brilliant paper is characterized by the highest degree of whiteness and rigidity.

Ballet Premier
Ballet Premier paper is characterized by optimal hardness and thickness, high whiteness and smoothness
Ballet Premier Paper is manufactured using ColorLok® technology for best print results.

Ballet classic
Ballet Classic paper is characterized by high smoothness and opacity.
Ballet Classic paper is manufactured using ColorLok® technology.

Ballet universal
Paper Ballet Universal is characterized by optimal rigidity and thickness, which ensures maximum efficiency when printing
Paper Ballet Universal is manufactured using ColorLok® technology.
The company "Import-Office Ukraine" is the exclusive supplier of the goods of the Ballet trademark to Ukraine.