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The company "Import-Office Ukraine" in the period from 1 to 10 May made a grand move!

The company "Import-Office Ukraine" in the period from 1 to 10 May made a grand move!

We speak about it with special pride. The move opened up a number of opportunities for the company to improve the quality of work with customers and increase shipments. Significantly increased both the area and capacity of the warehouse. The considerable height of ceilings gives the chance to place and qualitatively serve even more goods. A large area of ??warehouses allows you to optimize the organization of operating areas, more correctly adjust the process of movement of goods. Our new warehouse is equipped with the most modern metal racks of the different size, cases from stainless steel, suspended regiments. Proper distribution of goods has allowed us to increase efficiency, reduce risks. Our new reliable shelves and cabinets allow you to save space in the warehouse due to its compactness, which will help us to place even more new products! Shelves fully meet the requirements determined by the specifics of the goods. All technical equipment of the warehouse complex has been improved. The warehouses are equipped with a modern supply and exhaust ventilation system, energy-saving LED lamps are installed, which allow to rationally consume electricity and maintain good lighting in the work areas, and fire safety sensors are also installed. The warehouse has a large-scale video surveillance system that eliminates the presence of so-called "dead" zones, which allows not only to track the movement of goods and quality of work in different parts of the warehouse, but also promptly, correctly and reasonably respond to complaints about quality and order fulfillment. The new warehouse complex "Import-Office Ukraine" is located at a comfortable distance from the office, namely at the address: Promyslova Street, 3G (Vydubychi). And the size of the adjacent territory allows you to take vehicles and park both business and personal vehicles.

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