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BUROMAX (BureauMax) - own brand of the company "Import-Office Ukraine".
BUROMAX is a brand with the widest and balanced assortment portfolio among the trademarks of the company Import-Office Ukraine. The goal of the changes is to be equal to the demands of the market, to strive to be ahead and to meet the emerging demands and expectations of consumers.
Multi-assortment brand. At the time of creation (2004) and to this day BUROMAX is the only multi-assortment brand registered in Ukraine in the field of stationery and office supplies. Today, as well as at the very beginning of the journey, we are confident that the chosen strategy is correct, and the Ukrainian buyer confirms this by making a choice by purchasing brand goods.
It is worth noting that thanks to this, BUROMAX has earned a positive image of a reliable brand. A wide selection of products and a variety of designs within a single brand make it possible to choose everything that is necessary for each consumer to work. The assortment of goods BUROMAX has more than 900 products, and taking into account the color variety - it is 2300 units. Our specialists are constantly working on the assortment of TM BUROMAX in order to offer the market a relevant and popular assortment.
Consumer-oriented brand. Our philosophy is to analyze the needs of users of office supplies. Taking into account the needs of several target audiences, the portfolio separately highlighted the range for networks and online stores. In TM Buromax there are color series (MAXcolor) and series in business office colors: black, blue, gray, green and red. Products that are necessary for work are presented in all colors of the brand.
Quality goods. BUROMAX products are made only from high quality raw materials in Ukraine, in Europe and in Asia. We choose the best products with the best price-quality ratio in order to offer them to the Ukrainian buyer.
Sophisticated packaging. Products TM BUROMAX is packaged in the original packaging, designed in the same style. The obligatory presence on the packaging of the barcode allows you to sell BUROMAX products in stores equipped with reading devices. The package contains information about the product in two languages ??(Ukrainian and English), as well as the necessary information, according to the current legislation. The product has certificates, sanitary and hygienic conclusions, photos and content for the distribution of brand products in all channels (tenders, retail, online stores, networks, service, etc.).
Jobmax series - anti-crisis and tender offer TOP assortment. At the end of 2015, the Import-Office Ukraine company promptly responded to the difficult situation on the Ukrainian market and presented a unique anti-crisis proposal for Partners - the Jobmax series of stationery products (JobMax). The purpose of the series is to provide buyers with a complete, in-demand range of stationery products at affordable prices. The market reacted positively to the changes, therefore, BUROMAX products are in demand in tenders (and are most often stated if they indicate a trademark) and for the work of state institutions. After analyzing a large number of current and completed tenders for the prozorro resource for the group “30190000-7 Office of the Service and Regularity”. In 46% of tenders indicate the trademark of all, or at least one product. The highest indicator for TM Buromax is 56.5%. If a trademark is declared in the tender, then most often it is TM Buromax!
Famous brand. In 2016, the national TV company launched an advertising company TM BUROMAX. BUROMAX became the first brand of office supplies that was advertised on television. After the advertising campaign, according to the GFK national research, we confirmed that BUROMAX is the number 1 brand among the stationery brands in Ukraine!

From 2019, the brand will be divided into series under the umbrella brand BUROMAX, these series will help to get closer to each customer, as well as to simplify the work of partners, because thanks to the series it will be easy and simple to select the range for your sales channel.

Main advantages of BUROMAX 2019:
The widest range of stationery under one brand
Original unified packaging
Availability of all necessary documentation (certificates, sanitary and hygienic conclusions) and content (photos, descriptions, characteristics)
The most famous brand in Ukraine due to the national advertising campaign
Quality products that respond to customer requests

TM BUROMAX series, which facilitate the work with a wide range:
Jobmax - anti-crisis and tender offer of the most popular product range
Logo2U - offer for advertising and souvenir goods market for application
ColorMAX - color collections in the most popular corporate colors: black, blue, red, green and gray.
DataMAX - products for business planning with a large number of collections
Fashion collections - besides classic stationery, we have collections such as Barocco, Metalic, Kraft, Rubber Touch