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Niveus is a trademark of Mondi, which exclusively in Ukraine is represented by Import-Office Ukraine. The assortment Niveus color and white office paper produced in Europe.

Do you enjoy life and its daily changes? Custom ideas are an important part of your success? Your personal ambitions are for Niveus® SUPERIOR. High smoothness and choice of densities. Everything you expect from paper and more. Excellent clarity and contrast printing. High whiteness and bright colors when printing on color laser and inkjet printers. Life is an effect, leave your effect with Niveus®.
High whiteness (CIE 170), paper is ideal for printing contrast images
Recommended for full color printing in the office.
Wide variety of densities

Niveus® JOY
Increased paper for bright print.
You will appreciate Niveus® JOY. This new and pleasant to the touch white paper is full of positive surprises, especially recommended for inkjet printing. Niveus® JOY combines high bulk with low weight, which seems like a contradiction. But this is the result of the unique TRIOTEC® sandwich technology from Mondi. Using this technology, visually and to the touch, the paper looks like a premium class of 80 g / m² and at the same time helps you save money. It will be love at first sight.
Feel the premium paper 80g / m² thanks to TRIOTEC® technology
Bright and vivid colors due to high whiteness (CIE 165)
Ideal for inkjet and laser printing

Niveus® FIT +
Universal paper for daily printing.
Life can be so easy when everything goes according to plan. When you can rely on security and stability. When you are confident in the smooth execution of your daily tasks. In the print world, these are the characteristics of the Niveus® FIT +. We have created this universal paper so that you have time for important life things. Thanks to its high whiteness, Niveus® FIT + allows more than just black and white printing. Let's print!
Universal paper with high whiteness (CIE 161)
Excellent paper for daily efficient office printing.
Acceptable quality for office color printing

Niveus® COLOR
Paper for colorful moments.
Do you like bright and vibrant colors? Live colorful moments and share them using Niveus® COLOR paper. Niveus® COLOR captures your emotional moments, vivid impressions, helps to organize your daily office tasks. You can choose from over 30 colors. From pale pastels and bright colors to merry neons. Let your ideas shine in all shades of life!
Excellent color uniformity
A wide range of 20 different colors
Universal paper, for the solution of wide tasks where color is required
The company "Import-Office Ukraine" - the exclusive supplier of goods brand Niveus in Ukraine.