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The company Bestar Wooden Industrial Corporation (Taiwan), founded in 1981, and for many years occupies one of the leading positions among the manufacturers of office desktop appliances, accessories, stationery made of natural wood. The BESTAR trademark, under which the company presents its products, has become a symbol and trend setter in the exclusive design of the workplace and the creation of business gifts and souvenirs.
The company constantly improves its products based on four main principles: nature, art, functionality and quality. The combination of these principles allows the company to achieve success and produce some of the best desktop accessories made of natural wood. It is natural wood, with its unique natural texture, that gives BESTAR products refined elegance and natural practicality. Placed in the workplace, BESTAR accessories create an atmosphere of comfort and good mood, and a well-thought-out functional design adds everyday practicality to positive emotions.
The company "Import-Office Ukraine" is the exclusive supplier of the goods of the BESTAR trademark to Ukraine.