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UNI Mitsubishi Pencil is a trademark under which the Mitsubishi Pencil Co. products are known to the whole world. Ltd (Japan). Founded in 1887 as a company for the production of wooden pencils, today it is the largest transnational corporation with modern production facilities and an extensive distribution system in many countries around the world.
The writing accessories of UNI Mitsubishi Pencil, it is a real Japanese product in the development and production of which the most modern technologies and materials are involved. At its own research base, the company constantly works on the development of new unique technologies and materials. Due to the use of the latest scientific achievements and the most innovative design developments, the UNI Mitsubishi Pencil products can rightly be called the most modern, high-tech and unique. It is these characteristics that allow UNI products to be a few steps ahead of their competitors in the very name of the brand. The name UNI is formed from the English word unique, which translates as - unique; exceptional; unparalleled, unsurpassed, one of a kind.
One of the most significant discoveries of the Mitsubishi Pencil company is the invention of pigment inks, which even under the influence of negative factors do not lose their unique properties and have been stored on paper for more than 100 years.
Products UNI Mitsubishi Pencil, is a vivid example of the fact that even an ordinary pen can be turned into a perfect product, combining the advanced achievements of scientists, designers and designers.
“The highest quality is the best service!” Is the main slogan of Mitsubishi Pencil.
The company "Import-Office Ukraine" is the exclusive supplier of the goods of the UNI Mitsubishi Pencil trademark to Ukraine.